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Swansea Ramblers
Part of the largest walking charity in the UK

Get the most out of walking the countryside

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Walking with Swansea Ramblers

What better way is there to get to know your local area than to walk the countryside?

See our programme of walks

Come for a walk with us

Whether you want the health benefits of walking,

or you would like to have more enjoyment from the countryside,

or you just want to relax with new friends - we're here for you!

We have regular social events as well!

We extend a warm welcome to all new walkers
and hope you will join our group.

Why not come along on a few of our walks

at no cost and without commitment

to see if walking is for you?

You'll soon find that you enjoy walking with us
and we will be very pleased to welcome you as a new member of our group.

If you like going for a stroll, an amble, a ramble or maybe a longer walk or hike,

you'll know that there is nothing more pleasant than being out in the fresh air.

We walk in and around the Swansea area plus all over South Wales - and beyond!

Our walks often take our members along paths little used by the general public.

We see the countryside from a different viewpoint !

Join Swansea Ramblers

If you like to walk and also enjoy socialising with others who enjoy the countryside,

why not

join Swansea Ramblers?

See our photographs of previous walks

Take a look at the photographs of our walks on the

Walk Photos pages

and on

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to see the sort of walks we do.

You can also follow us on

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See our programme of walks

We work to keep the paths open

Like many Ramblers Groups, we work with the local authority to make the countryside a better place to in which to walk.

We regularly go out with the council to improve footpaths and campaign nationally for more access to the countryside.

You are very welcome to become a member of Swansea Ramblers

and if you like, you can also become one of our path maintenance team

to make a real practical difference to walking in Swansea.

Read more about Swansea Ramblers

See the About Us page

for more information about Swansea Ramblers.

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