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Reporting problems with footpaths

Sometimes when you walk a path you come across a problem.   It might be a fallen tree, undergrowth that has grown across the path or suddenly a barbed wire fence has appeared across the right of way.

When we come across a problem we report it to the council and follow it up with them to ensure they have been able to deal with it.  

You can use the Rights of Way Map on Swansea Council's website to identify the path number.

If you come across a problem, you can let us know by emailing our Footpath Officer listed on the 'Contacts' page.

It's important to check that you are on a right of way and to give us the exact position where the problem has occurred.

Where possible, take some photographs of the problem and if you have a mobile phone app or GPS device, you can use it to record the exact position of the problem along the path.

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