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19th September 2018

Swansea Ramblers Clear Footpath
in Pontarddulais

Swansea Ramblers have recently completed clearing a footpath Pontarddulais  The Group's work party, in conjunction with members of Swansea Council's Countryside Access Team, spent a working day to complete the job.  The task involved strimming of the footpath and clearing soil off the steps and installing 15 step fronts.  Three volunteers worked with a member of staff from Swansea Council's Countryside Access Team.

Spokesman for Swansea Ramblers Richard Beale said, "when we started the steps were overgrown and slippery to walk down. It is now a much safer route for people to use. This work was undertaken as part of the partnership we have with Swansea Council. We normally carry out a task each month."


Swansea Ramblers are part of The Ramblers, the UK's largest walking charity.

The Swansea group has over 400 members with 200 guided walks per year and a work party of volunteers which operates mostly monthly. For further details contact:  Richard Beale  Tel.07505974986
or email publicityATswansearamblers.org.uk.  (Replace AT with @)

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