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8th February 2012

The Right of Way footpaths along the north side of Three Cliffs Bay, PM3 and PM4, involve a significant climb up and down the hill.   As part of the All Wales Coastal Footpath project, the land owner, David Beynon, has kindly agreed to the creation of a new footpath at the bottom of this hill to remove the climb and reduce the walking distance.  

On 8th February, a large group of 9 Rambler work party members, including 2 new recruits, assisted the council to create this new path.   Work involved bush clearance along the new footpath route, the installation of 2 bridges, each 3 sleeper wide, the materials for which had to be brought down from the top of the hill then carried out.   We also installed several new footpath signposts.  

Not only were the council team, leader Steve Parry and wardens Simon and Damien pleased with the work, but the weather was absolutely glorious (again) and the location is considered by many to be the most scenic spot in Britain!   If only all work could be so rewarding!

Bob Denley
Footpath Work Party Co-ordinator

Bob's contact details

Go on contact him!  You know you'll enjoy taking part in the vital work we do for Swansea and Gower!

News Photograph  01
Three Cliffs Bay - voted one of the UK's best beaches

News Photograph  02
Clearing undergrowth to create a brand new path

News Photograph  03
Alan Bailey almost disappearing into the bracken

News Photograph  04
A lot of very heavy sleepers to be manhandled down to the streams

News Photograph  05
Very heavy sleepers !

News Photograph  06
Nothing we can't handle

News Photograph  07
But they are heavy !!

News Photograph  08
Lowering into position

News Photograph  09
Now for the next one !

News Photograph  10
Bob puts the finishing touches to the new bridge

News Photograph  11
And it's ready for use

News Photograph  12
Well done Bob and Steve !

News Photograph  13
But don't forget the work of the rest of the team - here we go again

News Photograph  14
Takes six people to carry these

News Photograph  15
Bob adds the wire to stop people slipping off into the stream

News Photograph  16
Meanwhile the path has been cleared

News Photograph  17
A long stretch of new path

News Photograph  18
The signpost is in - must be official !
Job well done !!

All photographs Copyright 2012 Zetta Flew & Steve Parry. All rights reserved.

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