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Swansea Ramblers Work Party
re-open overgrown path
near Perriswood

January 2012

Bob Denley has recently become our work party co-ordinator to liaise with the council and arrange for our volunteers to assist the council in their never ending task of keeping footpaths open and useable.   Here is Bob's report on the work done:

Just a short note to let you all know the work the Swansea Ramblers are doing assisting the Swansea council team with the important task of maintaining the footpaths over the whole of Gower, not just on the peninsula.

In January we completed the clearance of path NI 10 which runs East West on the South side of Cefn Bryn in the area above Perriswood Farm.   We had cleared a significant length of this path during December.   It involved opening up the original designated route which had become overgrown with gorse and brush.   We also cleared the gorse and brush from the lower part of the designated route of the path which runs NE from NI 10 up the South side of Cefn Bryn toward path LL32.   We were fortunate to have a spring like day.   (We were even more fortunate in December when we had a glorious day during a week in which it rained every other day!)

The work party meets once a month, normally on the second Wednesday, doing all sorts from general path clearance, repairing / building stiles and installing gates to bridge fabrication and erection.

The work is useful and satisfying and enjoyed by those that take part.   If you are that way inclined and would like to join a work party, please get in touch with the undersigned and you will be included in the group.   There is usually plenty of work for all abilities.   You are most welcome to join us.

Bob Denley
Footpath Work Party Co-ordinator

Bob's contact details

Go on contact him!  You know you'll enjoy taking part in the vital work we do for Swansea and Gower!

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