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Swansea Ramblers Stile Replacement at Fairwood Airport

11th August 2010

The Swansea Ramblers Work Party went out with members of Swansea Council Footpath Department to construct a new stile.   This will allow access between the north and south sections of the footpath crossing Fairwood Common.   The old stile had rotted away and its remains had disappeared beneath the undergrowth.   For some time people have had to climb over the locked gate in order to use the path.   The work party cleared the area for the new stile and opened up the right of way.  

News Photograph  01
Work party take the wood for the stile to the locked gate

News Photograph  02
Started to clear the undergrowth for the stile

News Photograph  03
A lot of debris had built up around the area

News Photograph  04
Roger hacks away the undergrowth

News Photograph  05
Council workers Simon and Dave hammer in the posts

News Photograph  06
Takes a lot of effort to fix the posts

News Photograph  07
Dave checks the post before adding the footbeds

News Photograph  08
Zetta has a go at the posts

News Photograph  09
Trust Dave to pose!

News Photograph  10
Well that was fun!

News Photograph  11
Now let the experts do it

News Photograph  12
Guess who was the first to test the stile

News Photograph  13
Job done (almost!)

All photographs Copyright 2010 Andrew Morgan. All rights reserved.

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