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Ramblers help to clear bridleway RN15 in Cwm Clydach

30th March 2010

Swansea Ramblers footpath work party go out regularly with the council to help clear paths for the public.   We turned out on a very wet and VERY muddy day to clear a bridleway in the northernmost section of the County of Swansea.   The council are planning to open up a route and publish leaflets of this walk.   Our volunteers braved the mist, rain and slippery mud to help clear this very scenic path which is little known.

News Photograph  01
Caroline from the council leads the way over very muddy ground !!

News Photograph  02
Ramblers follow on through knee deep mud!

News Photograph  03
Bridleway reached at the top of Cwm Clydach

News Photograph  04
Cwm Clydach is a beautiful valley - but it's raining today!

News Photograph  05
Very beautiful - and very wet!

News Photograph  06
Ramblers start cutting back the gorse

News Photograph  07
Council workers and young volunteers swell our numbers

News Photograph  08
Caroline explaining where the new bridge will go

News Photograph  09
Roger getting stuck into the gorse

News Photograph  10
Roger will make short work of it!

News Photograph  11
That's better!

News Photograph  12
Clearing the south bank ready for the bridge

News Photograph  13
Alan tackling the gorse

News Photograph  14
Gorse cut back from path

News Photograph  15
Zetta giving the gorse what for!!

News Photograph  16
Phil from the council can almost walk on water!

News Photograph  17
Roger, Caroline and Zetta after a few hours of rain!!

News Photograph  18
Taking stock of the day's work

News Photograph  19
Dave from the council (in orange) has been busy with the chain saw

News Photograph  20
Climbing out of the valley - and back through all that mud! - We're very, very wet - where's the pub?

All photographs Copyright 2010 Andrew Morgan. All rights reserved.

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