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Swansea Ramblers Path Clearance Workparty
Nicholaston Burrows Coast Path signposting

26th November 2008 to 4th February 2009

Swansea Ramblers work party helped the council to install signposting on Nicholaston Burrows.   This was part of the work to prepare for the All Wales Coast Path.   Everything had to be carried down to the burrows.   The posts and equipment were heavy but we managed to get everything in place.   Visitors will now be able to follow the route of the coast path as they travel around the coast.

News Photograph  01
Coast Path signposting through Nicholaston Burrows

News Photograph  02
Chris Dale from Swansea Council supervising work

News Photograph  03
Waymarking in progress

News Photograph  04
Everything has to be carried to the Burrows!

News Photograph  05
Roger making the post hole

News Photograph  06
Hard ground - hard work

News Photograph  07
Hammering in the waymarks

News Photograph  08
Digging yet another hole!

News Photograph  09
Ramblers assisting Chris Dale

News Photograph  10
Chris Dale demonstrates how to fix posts into position

News Photograph  11
Chris Dale in Action!!

News Photograph  12
Lynne didn't realise the coast path was going to be this wet!!

News Photograph  13
Yet more waymarking. (Photograph © L Evans)

News Photograph  14
Ramblers Work party in November 2008. (Photograph copyright L Evans)

News Photograph  15
Ramblers Work party in February 2009. (Photograph copyright L Evans)

All photographs Copyright 2009 Andrew Morgan. All rights reserved.

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