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Shear Determination at Llethryd
Swansea Ramblers assist Council to clear Path


The Llethryd footpath has been an issue ever since a judge ordered that the last 100 yards to the road should be extinguished.   This has meant that for the last 20 years visitors to Gower have walked as far as they could then found they couldn't get to the road to contimue to the next path!   The path gradually became overgrown to the extent that it was unpassable.  

So why re-open it? - Well...

The Llethryd plantation was once owned by the Forestry Commission.   They signed a continuing legal agreement with Swansea Council to allow public access through the woods and this footpath goes straight into those woods.   This is one of the best bluebell woods in Gower and is a hidden gem.   The Forestry Commission then sold the land to a private landowner and 'Private' signs started to appear.   The public access agreement is binding on any new landowner so members of the public can still walk within the woodland.   The council will erect signs to indicate the area of the public access.  

Our work party had to spend several days of hard work cutting through to the woods so do make use of this path when you are in the area.   The wood boundary to the north meets the open access land of Welshmoor and to the east the boundary meets the open access land of Pengwern Common but for the moment you will need to re-trace your steps back to the path junction.

News Photograph  01
Path totally overgrown

News Photograph  02
Chris Dale from the council with Roger and Andrew

News Photograph  03
Nothing stops the work party - brambles, trees, nothing!!

News Photograph  04
Roger and Andrew using brush cutters

News Photograph  05
Andrew clearing undergrowth

News Photograph  06
Roger disappearing into the undergrowth!

News Photograph  07
Chris Dale clearing the path

News Photograph  08
Path Cleared!!

News Photograph  09
From totally blocked to totally cleared - well as far as we got that day!

News Photograph  10
Cleared this much path - more to go

All photographs Copyright 2009 Andrew Morgan. All rights reserved.

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