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Swansea Ramblers Work Party help restore a footpath at Cwm Clydach


The members of Swansea Group are very fortunate living in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Within our Area we have a wide diversity of walking possibilities and enjoy a good relationship with the local farmers and landowners. The area is abundant in footpaths and this of course causes a problem with maintenance. For some time now we have worked with the local Council to help maintain these paths so both we and visitors to the area can benefit from the delights of the countryside.

Recently, two of our more senior members completed a survey of all the footpaths in the Mumbles area involving some seventy Rights of Way. No easy task !!! Generous donations from a benefactor and the hard research work of some of our members enabled us to publish two walking books covering Gower and Swansea Valley. The income generated by sales of these books is used to help finance footpath projects. Within the last couple of years we have financed three new stiles on Footpath 24 from Pennard Road to Bishopston Valley. Another successful project was the replacement of a stile and finger post at the side of Gellionen Chapel in Swansea Valley.

We are also involved with an exciting project restoring a footpath in an area known as Cwm Clydach. Originally our Footpath Secretary reported to the Council that the footbridge was unsafe and from this has grown a full scale restoration of the footpath. We have been able to provide funding for a new footbridge, gates and stiles. Working together with the Council and local farmers, this beautiful and interesting valley is once again open.

News Photograph  01
Lynne and Zetta next to one of our new gates

News Photograph  02
The new bridge we funded

News Photograph  03
Putting the finishing touches to a new gate

News Photograph  04
Roger testing one of our new stiles

All photographs Copyright 2009 Andrew Morgan. All rights reserved.

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