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Swansea Ramblers Work Party clear the path at Moorlakes Wood


Walkers will be pleased to learn that the blocked path through Moorlakes Wood has now been cleared thanks to the combined effort of employees from the City and County of Swansea and volunteers from our Group. The work to cut through the overgrown bushes and undergrowth took the best part of the first day and on the following day a new stile and marker posts were erected.

News Photograph  01
This stile was in pretty poor condition and needed to be replaced

News Photograph  02
Dave and Dave fit non-slip tred to the footbeds

News Photograph  03
A few more nails to hammer home and a new stile replaces the old wobbly one

News Photograph  04
The final section of the path is cleared

News Photograph  05
Job done ....time to go home

All photographs Copyright 2009 Andrew Morgan. All rights reserved.

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