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Swansea Ramblers Walk

A meal At Gilligan's

Another of our social events

6th April 2023


At Swansea Ramblers, it isn't all about walking (although that's what we love!).   The social aspect for the group is very important, especially for some of our members who may have joined us as much for the company and the laughter as for the walking and the wonderful scenery.

We have 400 members but of course, no restaurant could take that many!   Instead we have to offer the socials on a first-come, first-served basis - so always book as soon as you receive the members email!

We had a lovely 2-course meal at Gilligans and as before (because we've ate here previously), the food was delicious.

Watch out for the next social event email and make sure you have registered your email address to your membership record.   

Swansea Ramblers offer a range of walks for most abilities.

Try an easy walk of 2-3 hours or our longer strenuous mountain walks for the experienced walker.

Maybe you'd like to explore walking for the first time with a friendly group of people?
- Come with Swansea Ramblers!

If you'd like to try a Swansea walk then do come along and find out what the great outdoors is all about.

It won't cost you anything to come along and see if walking is for you.
You'll be very welcome to join us for three free walks.

If you enjoy walking with us and want to come on even more of our walks, just become a member.

When you join us for a Swansea Walk, ask us about the other walks and social events we do.


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