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Swansea Ramblers Walk

West Cross and Newton
A Monday short walk

14th December 2020

Leader: Richard Beale

We had another of our series of Monday short 'walks with friends'   These walks are ideal for people who would like to begin walking with others who are interested in walking and who do so at a leisurely pace.  This walk explored the area above Oystermouth, including the Jewish section of Oystermouth Cemetery

Swansea Ramblers offer a range of walks for most abilities from the long strenuous mountain walks for the experienced walker to the short, easy lowland walks where maybe you'd like to explore walking for the first time with a friendly group of people.

If you'd like to try a walk then do come along and find out what all this Swansea Walking in the great outdoors is all about.  It won't cost you anything to come along and see if walking is for you.

If you get the bug and want to walk or stroll regularly then you can also become a member.  Just ask us about the walks and social events we do when you join us for a Swansea Walk.


Photograph of Walking Route - Image 1
Leader Richard Beale

Photograph of Walking Route - Image 2
We visited Oystermouth Cemetery

Photograph of Walking Route - Image 3
And paid our respects in the Jewish graveyard

Photograph of Walking Route - Image 4

Photograph of Walking Route - Image 5
Then on the high ground in Newton,
we had views across the bay

All photographs Copyright  Richard Beale 2020
All rights reserved

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