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Swansea Ramblers Walk

Rhossili Circular 11.5 Miles

21st April 2019

Leader: Fraser & Steph Januchowski-Hartley

A long walk around the Rhossili area.  Leader feedback from the recce is: "Fraser and I scouted out the 21 April hike starting in Rhossili.  We thought it would be good to send people a bit more detail and update on the hike.  The hike is definitely for experienced hikers, and not well suited for young kids.  We would class it as challenging/difficult because of several steep ups and downs, some of which are slippery or sandy/very uneven.  Plus it is long, 18.42 Kms.  Our plan is to have three scheduled stops/rests.  One will be for lunch, the other two will be shorter. We anticipate arrival back to Rhossili/finishing around 5.30 p.m. depending on number of attendees."

Swansea Ramblers offer a range of walks for most abilities from the long strenuous mountain walks for the experienced walker to the short, easy lowland walks where maybe you'd like to explore walking for the first time with a friendly group of people.  If you'd like to try a walk then do come along and find out what all this Swansea Walking in the great outdoors is all about.  It won't cost you anything to come along and see if walking is for you.  If you get the bug and want to walk or stroll regularly then you can also become a member.  Just ask us about the walks and social events we do when you join us for a Swansea Walk.


Photograph of Walking Route - Image 1
Looking north from Rhossili Down
(Taken while reccing the walk)

Photograph of Walking Route - Image 2
View of Worm's Head from Rhossili Down
(Taken while reccing the walk)

Ordnance Survey map of the route walked
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