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Swansea Ramblers Walk

Henrhyd Falls and Ogof Fynnon Ddu

12th January 2014

Leader: Mark Wolle

Mark led an eleven mile walk, high in the hills above Craig y Nos and down into the valley to visit the impressive Henrhyd Waterfalls.  Ignoring the weather forecast for rain in the afternoon, the group went prepared with waterproofs to enjoy a good day's walking and a chance to see Henrhyd Waterfall in full flow.  If you'd like to try a walk then do come along and find out what all this Swansea Walking in the great outdoors is all about.  It won't cost you anything to come along and see if walking is for you.  If you get the bug and want to walk or stroll regularly then you can also become a member.  Just ask us about the walks we do when you join us for a Swansea Walk.

Photographs of the Walk

Photograph of Walking Route - Image 1
Leader: Mark Wolle

Photograph of Walking Route - Image 2
Henrhyd Falls

Photograph of Walking Route - Image 3
The group gather to see the large flow of water

Photograph of Walking Route - Image 4
Winter storms have created an impressive flow over the waterfall

Photograph of Walking Route - Image 5
A good turn out despite the weather forecast

Ordnance Survey map of the route walked
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